The objectives expected results benefits

The objectives of the project are:

- innovation methodological base of information and material to teach physical education and science in order to gain new skills for teaching staff;
- modernization of the material and information base on education in favor of nature protection and environmental education;
- more attractive education through sport, dance, tourism;
- creating positive attitudes of students, encouraging participation in school activities through positive impulses, truancy prevention;
- acquisition of new skills by teaching staff;
- enriching teaching and extra-curricular activities for new content and activities in the physical education and environmental;
- supporting the development and systematic cooperation between countries and regions;
- promote communication and collaboration between schools, cities and regional authorities;
- promotion and development of active movement, healthy lifestyle, openness to new, innovative, activities;
- the development and exchange of good practices and experiences;
- increase ecological awareness and dissemination of culture and sport;
- strengthening the mental health of teachers through new contacts and initiatives resulting from the project.

Expected results:

- the acquisition of knowledge, experience and develop new skills among teachers;
- inclusion of the learning process exciting new contents;
- developing and applying new methodological solutions;
- enrich the educational offer for handicapped children;
- developing ways to solve the problems of schools;
- preventing the formation of professional burnout syndrome;
- improvement to quality of education.
The planned activities will benefit quality teachers and students. Teachers will acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of sports teaching methodology, principles and practice of natural and ecological contents. Then will communicate them to students.
Teachers will acquire the following competencies and benefits:
- knowledge and new skills in the areas of culture and environmental education;
- strengthening the European dimension in education, together with the institutions participating in the project;
- respect for and promotion of healthy life style;
- team working;
- rearn new teaching methodologies in new areas;
- perception of European society through our project;
- the development of competence in the educational process;
- transfer of acquired theoretical knowledge into practical activities;
- benefits in terms of mental health;
- the creation of prevention programs directed at solving the problems of schools;
- self-improvement, a positive attitude to their work.

Benefits for students:

- prevention and elimination of unwanted behaviors in students;
- more attractive the learning process;
- enhancing self motivation resulting in the school attendance;
- to promote a cultural and healthy lifestyle;
- the development of sporting and cultural awareness;
- learning about other cultures, other ways of life;
- exploring and selecting new, positive patterns of personal behavior. 
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